Ready for "good enough"?

What constitutes good enough? This is the debate dominating our province and the regional municipality as the public, politicians and mandarins who really run government try to come to grips with our new lack of dollars. After several years of federal and provincial spending with little regard to long term consequences in terms of operations and maintenance, the “teens” seem destined to be a decade of fewer resources for ego driven, or “world class” projects.

A bitter sweet victory for education in Halifax

It has been two and a half years since we started to fight for our children.   We have fought for smaller schools, community schools, parental involvement, board responsibility, government accountability.  During that time, we have tried some ideas that worked, some that failed. The Minister took our calls on her cell phone, the HRSB Superintendent did not, the consultants started by ignoring us and in the end they too took our calls.   The elected school board got fired, though read more