Halifax Can Do Anything, We Just Can’t Do Everything

A wise woman once said “you can do anything, but you can’t do everything.”  It was my Mom, quoting her friend Linda, who was inadvertently quoting Hans Glint, the self help coach.

This statement keeps coming to mind as Halifax heads into budget season and as the Canada Games come …

But, what if it rains? Concerts in HRM Part 2

DSC_0018This is not the first time your faithful scribe has written about concerts in opposite land.

Now our special east coast brand of concert socialism has bent both the market and audience expectations like a five dimensional pretzel. That’s right, like Star Trek, things are so bent out of shape …

On Stadiums, Summer Concerts, and Business Columns – Concerts in HRM Part 1

Rolling Stones, Landsdowne

Look closely at that picture over there. Rolling Stones, right? Halifax, or Moncton show? Neither. That my loyal readers is a picture of the Rolling Stones at Frank Clair Field in Landsdowne Park in Ottawa. The concert took place in a stadium.

Let’s talk about stadiums. In the Chronicle Herald …