The AG presents the concert scandal report to Council

Larry Munroe, HRM Auditor General, walked us through the Executive Summary of the Concert Scandal report. First big remark was “CAO and DCAO could not have made these disbursements happen on their own.”

On Ticketing, Loans, and Economic Impact

Well, looks like a federal election is going to swamp the media for the next 45 days.  This means that the Halifax concert scandal will slide off the front page for the next while.  Before I go back to blogging about things I want to see in Halifax, as opposed to what I DO NOT want to see, I want to wrap up with a resource piece about how concerts work from a money perspective. I know Councilors and staff read more

Would you like your pork with a side of “vision”? – Convention Centre 2 Debate a Reminder of the Worst of NS Political Culture

Like most polarizing political moments, it seems like there are two camps on the new convention center. – the pro development at all costs camp, and the save the view camp.

The only big HRM event this summer – political infighting

It is a cruel word where your loyal scribe goes on vacation, and then all hell deliciously breaks loose in the world of massive expensive concert promotion in Halifax. Few things could compel me to put down the Corona and get off the beach in Pugwash to write a few words, but the situation between HRM and the Trade Centre Limited (TCL) is one. TCL, headed by Fred MacGillivray, is the Provincial/Municipal organization with the wide open mission to provide read more