Record of the Month – Great Plains, Home of the New Totem

Great Plains Home of the New Totem (Unreleased, 2007) This record is a great plague for me. Sean, the musician behind this project, is a friend of mine. He is the Technical Director for HPX, he is one of Halifax’s few drummers (note to people from Away – send us your drummers), he is a former member of the Burdocks, and this is his solo record. It is fantastic. His band and this record are currently not signed to a read more

(ju) No Cases

After a weekend where the weather teased us with sun, but gave us cold and rain, the bars pounded us with five am last calls, and Toronto came to play in Halifax for a few days, things are slowly returning to normal. In fact, the Junos have gone home and one of the few reminders that they were ever in Halifax are the still sick & tired music, culture, government and media folks who were “brought low” by the rigors read more

Music Nova Scotia

Nice re-brand on the organization formerly known as MIANS. Check out I went to the mixer/press conference at the inventively named “Labbat Beer Institute.” Enjoyed watching Charlie A’Court. Drank half a beer. Ate some food. Chatted up my former fellow Board members and many musicians and government folks. It was nice. Must remember not to crack jokes in mixed company though. I said to Stuart “Yes, I am trying to get out and be more social, my therapist says read more

My letter to the Coast.

Cut to the chase (their title, obviously) To the editor, Regarding the article “MacDonald Bridge” in last week’s issue: Andrew Terris has repeatedly stated both in your article and other venues that the Nova Scotia Arts Council being shut down and the Cultural Federations having their budgets cut in 2002 coincided with the launch of the Nova Scotia Music Sector Strategy. In fact, it was launched in August 2004, two years later than he states. Mr. Terris stated that there read more

Website updated and settled.

Okay, this thing is finally working the way I want it too. I highly recommend upgrading to WordPress 2, the new edit interface is amazing, it previews right on the edit page, and is generally smoother in terms of the overall experience. The blog/website thing is all updated and I finally worked around to the point that the top page when you type in is not a more business like front page. I still want to work on that, read more