People Read This Website

I got a cold call from a guy in Indiana who wants to invest in entertainment properties in Halifax. He was googling Halifax and my article on the Vogue came up. I also know from this site’s stats that people searching Halifax, Culture, Nova Scotia Arts Council, Vogue Theatre, and Jack Bonaparte have all found this site, which is averaging an amazing 350 unique visitors a month. Amazing given the total lack of time I have to maintain it. Hello read more


My posts are too long and ramble. I must practice writing in a concise and interesting fashion. I am currently 2 weeks away from under-employment until mid-June. Expect rapid updates and expansion of the Pop Explosion, Vogue Theatre and maybe a province wide culture sector council, depending how bored I get. You never know how I may fill my time.

Vogue Page added

I have added a short resource page/plea for help and sanity about the Vogue Theatre. The place is crack for creative people, totally addictive as an idea. I think about it too much. You should too.

Vogue Theatre

Anyone have $1 million?