Halifax Magazine | Afterthought: $800 for 20 minutes of work

My short op/ed piece “Afterthought: $800 for 20 minutes of work” was published in Halifax Magazine on Apr 6, 2010 Maybe this has happened to you: you have been doing the best you can to help your community, but something happens, something just so frustrating and stupid that you think “Oh, why does it have to be this way?”

The ECMA acceptance speech I wish I had given

Quite to my surprise, Halifax Pop Explosion won the East Coast Music Award for Event of the year… Completely unprepared I stumbled through an awful speech, my worst ever I suspect. Here is what I should have said: Thank you, this is completely and totally unexpected.

Rail debate returns to Halifax

I had an opportunity to talk to Tim Outhit, councilor for Bedford, for an hour or so last week. The conversation was wide ranging, covering topics from passenger rail to community councils to taxes. What was most exciting was the discussion around rail service in HRM, or even to Truro some day. Now I know that some city staff have historically been pretty against any rail proposal, though to be fair, I think the discussion of rail back in the read more

Views on tax reform, part 1

The debate on downtown, the future of Halifax, and taxes (oh taxes) continues on my Facebook and to a lesser degree on this blog. Ah Facebook, if only you had an API that talked to WordPress, you would be perfect. I have said before that I was against the proposed flat tax model of “reform”, defeated recently at HRM council. I have not yet really spoken up about what I think would work, a daunting task.

RIP Kate McGarrigle

Kate and Anna played HPX in 2005 or 06. It was the day after the CBC strike had ended, and it was really hard to get the word out to the Kate and Anna audience without CBC. I had been told by other, older promoters that Kate and Anna were really hard to work with, with one memorable show in particular where they were they refused to go on stage at the Cohn for hours like princesses. So here we read more