The Sun Always Rises, Even After A Bad Decision

So battle of the Convention Centre appears to be winding down.  While there will be further skirmishes before the end, the vote at Regional Council shows that its going to pass, pretty much as is. So in the aftermath, are WTCC supporters cracking Champagne and the opposition crying in their craft beers? Maybe, but not me.

Great glass hope could be white elephant | the Herald

Better said than most, certainly sums up what I have been thinking, I turn this space over to Laura Penny and her article from the Herald. I LIVE ON Argyle Street, between two of Halifax’s most talked-about vacant lots. The new central library and the proposed convention centre may be a few short blocks away from one another, but they represent very different ideas about the role of government. The library serves hundreds of thousands of HRM residents, and has read more

Response to Paul from DBTC on WTCC2

Downtownpaul just posted a pro wtcc2 article, linking resistance to WTCC2 to some kind of malaise and downtown death spiral.  Here is my comment, spell corrected (paint fumes overcame me.. 🙂   We shall see if this gets published on the DBTC site: I am in favor of a new or expanded WTCC. I do not, at this time support the current proposal. Wanting more information does not make one a visionless small town hick. I am waiting for an read more

Citizens for Halifax?

This website is fronted by an employee of the WTCC, and does not say who is involved… and so far has not approved my comment, though, to be fair, its been less than 24 hours. Comment below: Waye // December 5, 2007 at 12:05 am While not a partisan one way or the other, Council does have a role, as a government for the people by the people, to set rules, that often constrain business, with the goal being the read more