Project Based Lifestyle

I realise more and more I need to fill my life with projects or risk bordom. I read a phrase the other day “If you want something to get done quickly, give it to a busy person.” I am at the opposite end of that right now, I need one or two big projects to come along to get me back to being busy, so that I return to being efficient and on top of things.

Thus, I am going to pack up the back room of the apartment, remove the wallpanels, and insulate. Take that, inertia! Throw that on top of the rest of my to do list and I will be nicely busy.

I want to buy a cottage/country house. I have been talking to friends and family about this for years. There is a perfect house for sale in Clam Bay right now for $69K. I of course am optimistically 1.5-2 years away from being able to buy anything, so that, that is frustrating.

I have a mental image of being snowed in, with the power and internet still on, watching the waves pound the beach, talking to people one the phone while sipping tea, while they work away under the flickering lights at their crappy downtown office. This, this is a good goal.