ECUA/ECMA/No Case redux

Well I already came home. Marnie had to work today, the kids have a PD day and none of my family could take the day off work to watch ’em.

ECMA was fun, though, in retrospect, I should have spent more time watching bands and shmoozing. I got a lot of good work done in the (re)building relationships area, saw a lot of great people, met a lot of people who might help with Halifax Pop Explosion and such. Marnie thinks she should not go anymore, as I as a good boyfriend tend to stick to her rather than go do the 4am shmoozing or whatever. We had to get back because of baby-sitting and all, but really I should have stayed for the gala, as the business of ECMA is the socializing, really.

I think that the Centre for Arts and Technology profile was really increased with industry throughout the weekend, so that mission was accomplished.

NoCases were AMAZING. The No Case elders are talking about making a more formal organization that teaches local organizing committees how to do shows. Skills transfer. Hello, HRSDC, are you there? But we, the elders, are elders, so we don’t want to run it, we just want to, you know, write down all the mistakes we ever made doing these things, and give a handbook to the new kids, so they can make their own, new, mistakes!