A Conversation, about the Stones…

The scene: Waye, beer in hand. Fire is going. We are at Mitchell’s beach outside Pugwash. It is dark, the washer party started at noon, the party is still going now… everyone has been drinking… I am sitting next to Marnie’s cousin Mark, who lives in Pugwash in the summer, Springhill in the winter… it is his party, at his cottage.

Waye – “So, Mark…. you going to see the Stones again?”

Mark – “God no. No. It was great. It was amazing. The six of us had an amazing time. But no, no I am not going.”

Waye – “Are any of the six of you going?”

Mark pauses then says – “No, nope, no one.”

After a pause Waye says – “Is anyone you know from up here, who went last year, going this year?”

Mark, after a longer pause says – “Can’t think of one…. not one…”