Captcha, spam story, Helen Hill

Bad enough that my popexplosion email was getting 220 spams a day, but all of us here at have been horrified to start getting comment spam by the tonne. Now, I made it so I have to approve any comments, but that just meant I had 300 unproved comment spams in my que, waiting for approval or deletion, with maybe one or two actual comments mixed in.

So today, welcome to the brave new world of captcha. Captcha is the annoying “type in the text you see in the graphics” deal that you see on most websites now. It is sucky because visually impaired people, or people using text or mobile access cannot access past a captcha graphic. But unfortunately, you have to do what you have to do.

I also had a horrible and now funny spam email problem. I have a boxtrapper, which is a program that means you have to be on an approved list or I don’t get your email. All you have to do to be approved is respond, just once, to the automatic email my server generates to “confirm you are a human being.”

Unfortunately, the “confirm you are a person” email was being captured by the corporate spam filter of one of the Pop Explosions partners. So she sent me an email, I never got it. My server sent her an email, she never got it. I sent her an email wondering where the proposal was, she thought I was an idiot, I thought she was forgetting us… and so it went… for. a. month. Note to self, pick up phone, call after first failure to get email response.

Last night was fun. Hello to everyone I chatted with at the Helen Hill Family memorial benefit at the Seahorse. I wish I had been able to stay up till Windom Earl. I just couldn’t do it. I promise that I will be strong and network like a mothersomthing during the ECMAs in two weeks. I had better start taking vitamins right now.