Education Minister ACTS with speed and decisiveness!

I just got interviewed by CBC.

Paul Withers says that the Minister says that there will be no school closures until the Education Act is amended. This means that unless the Leg was called back today, there is no way that the rules will be in place to meet the April 1 yearly process deadline for 2007. In fact, even if it was called back there is pretty much no chance the budget would get passed in time to amend the act.

This means that earliest a School Study Review could take place is starting April 2008 and ending March 2009!

So that puts a bit of grit in the wheels. However, its half the battle. The battle is now to make sure the creation of the plan is done with public consultation. School Study Reviews happen for schools that are planned to be replaced or consolidated. Lets get the community onboard with creating a plan!

PS *I* got interviewed by *PAUL WITHERS* muhahahahaha he is so awesome, he knows where all the bodies are buried!