Halifax Locals…

When worlds collide…. here is a section from an article about the debate on Halifax Locals about what do about stupid Jared Taylor coming to Halifax…

Mixed-race couples kissing, rather than masked hecklers, might greet controversial American speaker Jared Taylor when he visits Halifax next week.
Mr. Taylor, who calls himself a “race realist,” was shouted down and manhandled out of a room he rented when he tried to speak in Halifax in January.
People who oppose his views are planning to protest his appearance at a debate with philosophy professor Peter March at Saint Mary’s University on March 7.
But they are considering different methods.
One idea being discussed on the online forum Halifax Locals is to stage an “interracial make-out party.”
“I think the key here is to marginalize this man through humour and intelligence . . . just go out of our way to reinforce the fact that this guy’s anti-intellectual arguments are stupid and his supporters are out of touch with reality,” one poster writes.
“Let the makin’ out begin!”

THAT WAS ME! I said that. I was reading the paper today thinking, “thats a good quote”, and then I got to the makin’ out part and though… jeese, mason you are a silly, silly man.