Thoughts on Budget 09

Lets just put this conservative time bomb in perspective.

We are going to go $22 billion into debt over five years just to FINANCE TAX CUTS. We are borrowing money to lower taxes.

For example, my family can now afford one extra double latte at Starbucks per week (not that I would), financed by the government BORROWING MONEY to give me a tax break.

Here is the scary part – tax cuts are structural. What this means is, that the tax cuts are there when the infrastructure programs dry up. Tax cuts are there unless we have a tax increase. So in five years, if the economy is back to where it was five months ago, we will around what, 6-7 billion a year LESS to spend on programs each year.

To balance the budget with these tax cuts, yeah you got it, health, social spending, education, etc will be CUT. This is a ticking time bomb.

Only conservatives would cut taxes with borrowed money. Republicans have been doing it for years. Do we need a Liberal government to balance the bloody books again?

Another issue I have is a home renovation credit?  What is this, Grant Devine’s Saskatchewan?  You are going to give me money to put a deck on my house?  Wow.

Finally, the footnote appears to be a cap on wage increases for federal employees.  Why not stick with the collective agreement you signed in good faith and not, NOT, NOT cut taxes?

Once again, I am left thinking of the old adage “Conservative’s cannot count.”  Where is Preston Manning when you need him?

Way to sabotage my childern’s future, Ottawa!