April sunshine means meetings, and knocking on doors!

It’s been a busy month both campaigning and academically, with end of term rapidly approaching at my day job and also in the course I am taking this semester at SMU.

I’ve been out in the community, knocking on doors, attending meetings and working to get to know more people in the community, and listening to your concerns.

Neighbours are concerned about taxes, traffic, and glad to see the Metro Transit strike has ended.  Residents in the district express concerns that  can be summarized as worrying about value for money.

An overwhelming portion of HRMs revenue is generated in District 7, on the Peninsula, and in the core, and residents know that our tax dollars are funding HRMs unaffordable sprawl.  We all agree this has to stop, and I will write more about this in coming weeks.

Some exciting meetings have happened in the last little while, and I want to highlight three of them.

RP+5 is the review of the HRM Regional Plan at five years.  I mentioned this last post, but I want to mention it again, because while RP+5 is the framework that staff and council should be using to guide development throughout the region, there are two other smaller plans happening at the same time

The Argyle Streetscape discussion is underway.  While Barrington is struggling, and in the process of what could be an exciting renewal with four or five projects underway or about to be so, the entertainment district on Argyle and surrounding area continues to be a very important part of downtown.  I urge residents to come out the Streetscape meetings.

On a slightly larger scale, HRM is also working the Centre Plan, which would be somewhat like HRM By Design applied to all of the core, which is Peninsula Halifax and Dartmouth inside the circ.  This process would allow clarity and consistency in planning and development approval, and could be a very good thing for residents and developers alike.  It is really important that citizens come out for these meetings, too.