Planning and District 7 – get involved!

There are two complimentary planning processes going on right now that will impact the way District 7 changes and grows over the next twenty-five years.

One is the five-year review of the Regional Plan, RP+5, and the other is the Centre Plan which applies to peninsular Halifax and Dartmouth inside the circumferential.

It is really important that residents take a moment to participate in these processes, either through sending an email, filling in a survey, or attending meetings.  How Halifax grows and what kind of heights and density we are going to encourage are being decided by these processes.

I support these processes. Our goal as a community has to be to identify community objectives through dialog, discussion and ultimately compromise, and then create a plan that serves those objectives with a minimum of red tape and divisive, development-to-development fighting. Neighbours have a right to know what kind of changes and uses they can expect from developments, and developers have a right to clear guidance about what will and will not be accepted by the community.

Here is some information about how to get involved:


RP+5 review sets the framework for HRM development going forward.  This one is where we set targets to slow and stop sprawl, decide if we are going to embrace walkable neighbourhoods or focus on car-centric development, the big high-level issues.

There is a deadline of MAY 4 for pubic input!

The easiest way to have some input is to fill in the PlanHRM Survey.  HRM calls this a “key part of citizen engagement in the RP+5 review.”

You can also submit a letter on a specific topic or issue (and include potential
solutions) to

As one resident put it, “show council you care about a properly-planned future by responding to these invitations not with plan ideas (or at least not JUST with plan ideas) but with protest at the flagrant disregard for the last plan you contributed to.”

For more information on RP+5:


The Regional Centre is defined as the Halifax Peninsula and Dartmouth within the arc of the circumferential highway.

The Centre Plan is necessary because the Regional Centre is currently governed by multiple planning strategies and by-laws. These documents are out of date and tend to be unresponsive to current opportunities and challenges.  The Centre Plan project will address this through the creation of a new Regional Centre Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law which will include design standards.

The next Centre Plan meeting in District 7 is April 30 at the Atlantica Hotel, Guild Hall ,1980 Robie Street, Halifax at 6:30 pm.  I’ll be attending this meeting, please say hello!

I’ve created an event you can RSVP to here:

For more information on the Centre Plan:


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