Taxes and fairness in HRM

Taxes are a huge issue in Halifax this election.  Assessments are rising at a rate that far surpasses increase in income, driving sometimes huge tax increases for residents and businesses. Taxes must fairly reflect the cost of services delivered in each tax area, our business tax rates must be competitive, and tax rates must drop as property assessments increase reflecting the rise in income. First of all, we need to more directly connect the cost of service delivery to the read more

30 Days to go – with your help I will bring change to District 7!

Just 30 days to the election!  We have signs up, I’m out canvassing every night, and volunteers are going door to door every day.  The response is overwhelming and positive; thank you all for your support.  With your continued help and hard work we will see change and better ideas in District 7. By the end of this week I will have walked every street, canvassed every house, small apartment, over and under, knocked on every door, with the exception read more

It is time for a transportation vision for Halifax

Halifax is growing quickly and residents are looking for a transit system that works for them. Last month HRM released the results of a poll that showed 61% of respondents want improved transit and 41% are interested in exploring commuter rail as a priority. Transit needs to be considered in an urban transportation context. In the city, we have commuters taking cars, walking, biking, and taking transit to get to work. At rush hour, a full bus has 50 people read more

Matt Worona joins Mason for Council

While saddened that Matt Worona has announced his withdrawal from the race for mayor, Waye Mason – council candidate for District 7 Peninsula South Downtown – is delighted to welcome him to the Mason for Council team. “Matt and I care about many of the same issues and we’ve enjoyed working together on the campaign finance reform issue. He is a great addition to our team and I am excited to work with him.” As a part of his announcement, read more

Towards open government: open information, data, and dialogue

HRM residents deserve a government that is transparent, open, accountable and respectful of citizens’ right to kn ow. The last few years have been painful for residents . Council has bounced from crisis to crisis, often behind a cloak of secrecy and in camera meetings. But what do we mean when we say “open government”? Open Government typically encompasses three concepts: Open Information, Open Data, and Open Dialogue.Open Information means having all the information needed to understand and scrutinize government. read more