Matt Worona joins Mason for Council

While saddened that Matt Worona has announced his withdrawal from the race for mayor, Waye Mason – council candidate for District 7 Peninsula South Downtown – is delighted to welcome him to the Mason for Council team. “Matt and I care about many of the same issues and we’ve enjoyed working together on the campaign finance reform issue. He is a great addition to our team and I am excited to work with him.”

As a part of his announcement, Matt said “All across our region, I met so many great people who work everyday to make this region a better place – people whose ideas and passion for our city are truly inspiring. One of those people is Waye Mason, Candidate for City Council in District 7. Over the coming weeks, I will be volunteering on his campaign for City Council, as our visions for the HRM are very similar.

“We share concerns about our broken council, growing the city sustainably, and spending smarter.” said Waye.“I look forward to working with Matt to bring our better ideas to Halifax and District 7.”