Past Projects Funded Through District Capital

Here are some examples of amounts that were granted to provide some funding for projects going back to 2010.

PRE ELECTION – Representative District 12 & 13 Capital Projects  
  Description of Expenditures
21-Oct-10 Uptown Gottingen St. Merchants Association – capital improvements  $3,000.00
21-Oct-10 Commons Area – purchase of benches  $9,806.60
21-Oct-10 St. Mary’s Playground  $10,000.00
21-Oct-10 Granville Mall upgrades – landscaping  $12,002.92
21-Oct-10 Schmidtville Heritage Conservation District Signage  $13,182.44
21-Oct-10 Buddy Daye and North Street – tree planting  $23,074.32
21-Oct-10 Public Gardens – upgrades  $24,980.65
21-Oct-10 Cornwallis Street Playground  $25,000.00
21-Oct-10 Common Tennis Courts – upgrades  $35,734.25
10-Jan-11 Common’s tennis courts  $9,999.99
10-Jan-11 Gorsebrook Junior High School – playground improvement  $15,000.00
10-Jan-11 Inglis St. School/Gorsebrook Park – spray pool  $17,729.26
20-Mar-12 Warrington Park – green gym  $10,000.00
20-Mar-12 North End BID – signs  $20,000.00
30-Mar-12 Joseph Howe Seniors Residence Improvements  $500.00
30-Mar-12 Jubilee Road Dock and Wharf Improvements  $14,492.60
25-Apr-12 North End Community Garden  $3,740.27
30-Apr-12 Quinpool Road Business Improvement District – banners for Quinpool Road  $23,188.34
4-May-12 Uniacke Beautification Project  $182.90
15-May-12 Friends of McNab’s Island – trail and garden improvements  $1,000.00
18-May-12 Spencer House Senior Society – sign and misc items  $4,500.00
13-Jun-12 Provincial Black Basketball Association – banners  $2,328.75
10-Jul-12 Downtown Halifax Business Commission – trolley  $150.00
20-Jul-12 Downtown Halifax Business Commission – street improvement project  $25,000.00
27-Jul-12 Halifax Rowing Club – dock repairs  $30,000.00
24-Aug-12 Friends of the Public Gardens – fountain upgrades  $3,000.00
27-Aug-12 Friends of the Public Gardens – restoration to the Victoria Jubilee fountain & Sir William Young urns  $5,000.00
31-Aug-12 Public Gardens – painting fence  $7,779.72
10-Sep-12 North End Business Association – equipment for the Community clean up  $400.00
POST ELECTION – District 7 Capital Projects  
  Description of Expenditures
12-Nov-12 Morris House  $5,000.00
15-Dec-12 GRAC Coop  $2,070.00
20-Jan-13 Metro Turning Point  $6,000.00
30-Mar-13 Spencer Park Playground  $13,000.00