Update on gas leak in south end

this just in from HRM staff at about 12:38

The latest information we are sharing:

· The gas leak in south end Halifax has been contained, however, the area bordered by Tower Road to Queen Street and Victoria Road to Morris Street remains closed to motorists and pedestrians.
· Halifax Regional Police officers are on scene and re-directing traffic.
· Several dozen homes were evacuated as a result of the gas leak. All residents who required evacuation have been advised and no further evacuations are anticipated at this time.
· Officials will be going door-to-door to do readings to test air quality. Once the area has been deemed safe, the people who were evacuated will be allowed to return to their homes.

We posted a link on our homepage (http://www.halifax.ca/) with alert updates to ensure all HRM residents, including your constituents, have access to the most up-to-date official details regarding the incident.

We’re sending out a release within the next 30 minutes with the latest information with updates from police and fire.