Proposed Projects for July 17

Chebucto Community Net server upgrade  $15,000.00
Dalhouse Student Union bike racks  $3,089.62
Dowtown Halifax Argyle Street Animation Project  $15,000.00
Fusion/DHBC benches on Barrington  $20,000.00
Halifax Circus Circus Circle equipment  $5,000.00
Halifax Regional Search and Rescue Team replacement vehicle  $3,000.00
Independent Living Nova Scotia  $10,000.00
Neptune signage  $7,500.00
North End Business Association signage  $20,000.00
Planning & Design Centre Neighbourhood & Wayfinding Signs  $8,500.00
South End Community Day Care Centre “Backyard Friends”  $2,500.00
Spencer House Today Café extension “Back to the Garden” Backyard Patio  $5,000.00
Spring Garden Area Business Association Welcome/Entrance Signage  $25,000.00
Spring Garden Area Business Association Light up the Side Streets  $18,000.00
St Mary Elementary SAC The Spencer Park/St. Mary’s Active Living Initiative.  $30,000.00
Veith House Veith House Explosion Memorial Garden Clean-Up  $5,000.00