Snow storm update 2 – parking ban tonight (Dec 18)


  • P1 Roads: 3 hour turnaround times and clear 12 hours following end of snowfall.
  • P2 Roads: Center line cuts for access after 10cm accumulation and cleared within 24 hours following the end of snowfall.
  • P1: Main Arterial Sidewalks, cleared within 12 hours following end of snowfall.
  • P2: Transit Sidewalks, cleared within 18hours following end of snowfall.
  • P3: Local Sidewalks, cleared within 36 hours from end of snowfall.

Not sure what priority level your street is? Click this link

Event 4 – Evening Update

Most streets have been plowed open with ongoing work required to push snow back to the curb line.

Our full complement of equipment is still on the road clearing up a mix of slush and snow.

Sidewalk plowing will continue into the overnight as crews clear piles left behind as street plows push snow from the roadway onto sidewalks and through intersections.

Melting snow and rainfall has caused isolated flooding. As crews push snow back to the curb, catch basins will become exposed and many of these floods will begin to drain. Hand crews are also deployed to locate buried catch basins.

Dropping temperatures over the next 24 hours will create icy conditions which will require ongoing salting/sanding.

Motorists are urged to please drive with care and reduce speeds as conditions can change rapidly. Safety first, last and always!


Next update will be tomorrow morning.