Update Queen and Green Park


We met with residents and passers by on Friday August 21 2015.  There was general concern about the comfort and attractiveness of the park.  While it is centrally located, it lacks a sign to say it is a park, and it is not clean or maintained.  The park is not busy.  There is no evidence of sociability, volunteerism, and pride of ownership.

As a result, the bushes were removed, trees planted, new benches put in, and the failing brick replaced with new concrete.  The accessibility was also addressed by putting in different coloured pavement so visually impaired people would be able to follow the contrast and now where the sidewalk was, and removal of the bollards and installation of sidewalk ramps for folks with mobility issues.

 Here is a summary table of the feedback:

Positives Negatives Suggestions
Location/ proximity to home Feel unsafe-  public drunkeness & abusive language Paint, repair, or replace benches
Green space in an otherwise busy area Homeless sleeping on benches Better general maintenance needed (benches, bricks, plants)
trees Residents are unaware it’s a park Repair brickwork on ground
Has a lot of potential Not enough green space add more flowers
Brick groundwork (but needs repairs) Bricks are in bad shape add more green space
Benches are old and need repair discourage homelessness
Add signage so residents know it’s a park
Better lighting needed at night
trim bushes and trees
add chess tabes
Generally redesign area to make it more park-like
add a play area for children
More community events (exaples: community BBQ’s, local music, outdoor film screenings)
street vendors/ food trucks