Hurricane/Post Tropical Storm Fiona Update 4

Update for Saturday September 24, 9:50 am

Trees down on Henry street near Coburg blocking road.

This update shares the latest HRM update and the important message to stay home and off the roads.
There is other relevant information and contact numbers in the last update you may find useful.

Residents urged to remain off municipal roads
The Halifax Regional Municipality is advising residents that clean-up efforts are currently underway across the municipality in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona. Residents are urged to remain off the roads for non-essential travel while work crews focus on priority areas.

Tree debris and safety
It is critical that streets are clear of motorists, as this will assist emergency first responders who may need to adjust their routes due to debris and blocked streets.

Municipally owned trees that fall on private property will be removed by the municipality. If a tree falls in the right of way and is blocking or impeding traffic, a sidewalk, or a bike lane – residents should call 311. For their own safety, residents are reminded to not remove trees in the right of way on their own accord.

Crews are prioritizing clearing hospital routes, main roads and streets that are completely obstructed across the municipality. Municipal Public Works staff will be assisted in their efforts by external service providers to supplement clean-up efforts.

Trees located on private land will be the sole responsibility of the homeowner. The municipality is not responsible for removing brush and debris from private property.

Evacuation centres

Evacuation centres are open at the following locations:

  • Canada Games Centre, 26 Thomas Raddall Drive, Halifax
  • Acadia Centre (within the Sackville Public Library), 636 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville
  • St Margaret’s Centre, 12 Westwood Boulevard, Upper Tantallon
  • Musquodoboit Harbour Recreation Centre & Library, 7900 Highway 7, Musquodoboit Harbour

These locations will remain open as needed and further locations may be opened if necessary. Residents can self-evacuate to these centres anytime; however, they are advised to travel only when it is safe to do so.

For any emergency situations, residents are advised to call 911.

Comfort centres
An assessment is currently being made by the municipality to determine when and where comfort centres should be set up. Information on the status of comfort centres will be shared as soon as details are available.

Comfort centres provide food and water, as well as a place to recharge electronic devices and receive up-to-date information, when residents are impacted by prolonged power outages, extreme temperatures or other significant events.

The locations vary depending on which community/communities have been impacted. Comfort centres are generally located in municipal facilities where they exist. The hours vary depending on the type of impact on the community/communities.

Halifax Transit
Halifax Transit bus, Access-A-Bus and ferry service was suspended as of 8:30 p.m. on Friday, September 23 and continues to be suspended until further notice.

When available, updated information will be shared on, as well as @hfxtransit on Twitter.

Support to those experiencing homelessness
In partnership with the Province of Nova Scotia, the East Dartmouth Community Centre has been open as an emergency shelter for those experiencing homelessness since 4 p.m. on Friday, September 23. Staffing is being provided by 902 Man Up.

Another emergency shelter is open in Sackville, located at the St. Elizabeth Seton Church, with Beacon House as the service provider. Staffing and food costs at both locations will be funded by the province.

The Halifax Ground Search and Rescue team will continue to do wellness checks to check on the health and safety of anyone who has chosen not to leave an encampment or outdoor sheltering location.

Please visit: or follow @hfxgov on Twitter for all storm-related updates.