HRM Map is back!

After trying out 10 new plug ins today to see if I could get the map online, I found a simple one that works! Check the link above, it works, for real!

Map Works!

After a night of nerding the Neighbourhood Map is working again. Please enjoy!


Look up, way up, and you will see a new link in the menu bar. A forum has been added to the site, so that the people emailing and posting can debate the Halifax Neighbourhood Map Project online here. Neighbourhood debates can now take place in the forums!

HRM Map Mini Update

I would like to thank everyone, over 100 people so far, who have contributed. I want to especially thank Bedford DJ (no real name provided) and Alexander from Spryfield for huge detailed maps of their neighbourhoods! Bedford should be finished by Friday, then a major update will be announced on the websites. Ultimately, you, my friends, are the early adopting cool seekers who are setting the stage for later on. In late April, I will send info about this to read more

HRM Map Project Update #2

Magic time. Google API is easy to use. There is a WordPress plugin that will parse the API for you. The map now shows everything at once. What is great, if you are a nerd, is I can still update it on my personal google maps by pulling the online KML data and it automatically updates the map here. Wonderful. Updates coming later on tonight.