How to Use is a website created by concerned parents, to facilitate discussion, debate and information sharing about the Citadel family of schools. This website is intended for use by parents and other concerned members of our community.

How to navigate
The most important options are located about three centimeters from the top of each page. The words Home, Mailing List, Education Resources and About appear. This is the menu bar.

If you move the pointer on your screen over these, you will see the background of each selection turn yellow.

These are the links to the four main pages of

The Pages
The website has three tools, or services, to let our school community stay informed. They are all accessed through the menu bar.

The first is the home, or news page of the website, which will be updated periodically with information about the school board, research and opinion papers, and other news. You access this by clicking the Home option on the menu bar. It also is the first thing that appears when you load

The second is the email list. You access this by clicking on the Mailing List option on the menu bar. In order to get information emailed to you, you need to subscribe to the mailing list. By subscribing to the email list, you are giving permission to email you periodic updates about things that are going on in our family of schools. Your email address will not be shared.

PLEASE NOTE: the mailing list for Citadel Schools is an announcement list, where information will be sent to you, one way. It will not be like some past mailing lists that while useful for debate and discussion also became targets for viruses and spam. Membership is private, the subscribers list will not be publicly known. PLEASE REGISTER TODAY.

The third service is the Education Resource section or forum.
This section contains research, position papers, and links to material parents, Home and Schools, Parent Teacher Associations and School Advisory Councils need to fight for quality education in their community.

This section is being rapidly expanded and will soon contain resources on public consultation and its role in education.

There is also an About page, which tells you what this website is about, and how to contact us. Click on About in the menu bar to view this page.

Final Word
I strongly encourage you to register for the mailing list! This will allow us to reach out and let concerned parents and residents know about issues that face our community.