About District 7 – Halifax South Downtown

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The district was renamed Halifax South Downtown in 2013.  The district is south of a boundary that runs from the Northwest Arm along Jubilee to Oxford, then north up Oxford to Quinpool, then east along Quinpool and Cogswell to North Park, north up North Park to Cornwallis, then is south of Cornwallis to the harbour.  It also includes Sable Island.

The district now includes all four peninsula Business Improvement Districts, both hospital sites, St Mary’s and Dalhousie universities, King’s, NSCAD and the Atlantic School of Theology, and 22,000 residents.  The district is the economic heart of the city, hosting almost half of the office jobs in the municipality, and generating almost 20% of commercial and residential property taxes paid in all of HRM.

Municipal Services

There is a municipal service office located in Scotia Square, inside the Duke Street entrance.

Halifax Regional Police provide coverage through the Central Division & Community Response Officers.  Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency provide primary response from Station 2, University and Robie Street, which is the oldest operating fire station in Canada.

The Halifax Central Library opened in 2014.

The district is home to three regional parks – Grand Parade, the Common, and Point Pleasant Park. There are fourteen area parks, ranging in size from a couple of hundred square feet to a couple dozen acres.

Three recreation centres serve our district, Centennial PoolCitadel Rec and St Mary’s Boat Club. In those spaces are the skating Oval, a free pool, a skate park, tennis courts, sports fields, playgrounds and much more.

Other district political contacts

For HRM contact information visit this page.

OnMarch 31, 2018 the provincial government dissolved elected boards for the non-CSAP schools, directing that education be administered by an appointed provincial council.  No contact info has been provided yet.

Région: Halifax (Beaubassin School, École du Carrefour, École Bois-Joli, Summit High School, École des Beaux-Marais, École du Grand-Portage)

Lucien Comeau
Courriel: Lucien.Comeau@csap.ca
(902) 430-0369

Martha Craig
Courriel: Marthe.Craig@csap.ca
(902) 830-2784

André Surette
Courriel: Andre.Surette@csap.ca
(902) 860-2740

Labi Kousoulis, MLA
Halifax Citadel-Sable Island
365-5991 Spring Garden Road
Halifax NS B3H 1Y6
Tel.: 902.444.8200
Email: labi@labimla.ca
Web: labimla.ca

Gary Burrill, MLA
Halifax Chebucto
6208 Quinpool Road, Unit 102
Halifax, NS B3L 1A3
Phone: 902-454-8365

Lisa Roberts, MLA
Halifax Needham
Suite 1000 – 6080 Young St.
Halifax, NS B3K 5L2
Tel: (902) 455-7300
email –  lisarobertsmla@gmail.com


All of HRM District 7 is located in the federal riding of Halifax

Andy Fillmore, MP
1888 Brunswick Street
Room 808
Halifax, NS
B3J 3J8
phone 902.426.8691
email andy.fillmore@parl.gc.ca