Apology to the former residents and descendants of Africville

“On behalf of the Halifax Regional Municipality, I apologize to the former Africville residents and their descendants for what they have endured for almost 50 years, ever since the loss of their community that had stood on the shores of Bedford Basin for more than 150 years. You lost your houses, your church, all of the places where you gathered with family and friends to mark the milestones of your lives. For all that, we apologize. We apologize to the read more

So much to do

My life is being submerged by a tsunami of education related issues. I will be up tonight until midnight finishing the actual paying work not getting done while doing other things all day on that file. In non-education related stuff – its HPX time! Final report is almost done, final financial are almost done, yearly operating grant and a dozen other funding applications are all going out the door. The most exciting part is a partnership between HPX and some read more