So much to do

My life is being submerged by a tsunami of education related issues. I will be up tonight until midnight finishing the actual paying work not getting done while doing other things all day on that file.

In non-education related stuff – its HPX time! Final report is almost done, final financial are almost done, yearly operating grant and a dozen other funding applications are all going out the door.

The most exciting part is a partnership between HPX and some African Nova Scotian industry professionals to create education and mentorship programs. I mentioned it before, but I had a great meeting with James (MC J) yesterday and its just exciting to talk about. I wish our office was just 200 square feet bigger, because I would move James and his studio in here in a heart beat!

If all goes well we will have one or two high school students interning in here year round, being mentored by the committee, getting paid for a summer job, and being sent to HPX and Nova Scotia Music Week. It could be huge.