OPENFILE: UARB decides for HRM. Again.

On Tuesday the great and powerful Utility and Review Board delivered its verdict on the shape of the municipal districts in the next election in HRM. The UARB—as its’ friends know it—had already decided on the size of council back in the summer. Downsizing council from 23 to 16 required re-districting, and the UARB had ordered HRM to report back with a proposal. The UARB is an appointed provincial board, where more and more power has rested since its predecessor was created in 1909. The board read more

Why a high school in Eastern Passage makes sense.

One of today’s lead news stories is that the provincial government might be willing to entertain funding the construction of an Eastern Passage high school.  Because of this, the Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB)  has decided to wait on whether to request construction or not. It has been awhile since this has story has been news.  Eastern Passage did not get a recommendation in the late and unlamented “Imagine Our Schools” pseudo consultation in 2007 and 2008.

More ferry tails.

Today I would say the Halifax III on the way to Woodside was rocking back and forth, port to starboard, from level to 10% up on the starboard side. Rock rock. Rock rock. Rockrock.

Waiting for the Big Reveal…

Tonight, the Imagine Our Schools process will unveil the first draft of the new capital plan for Halifax peninsula. The consultants were hired in September and given until March, all of seven months, to produce a proposed capital plan. This was mandated by the Department of Education to address the lack of community consultation in the Halifax Regional School Board’s previous capital plan, which was rejected. That proposal was for all of HRM. The new consultants process is for all read more

HRM gives cultural plan a green light

The Though the cost to the city is unknown, council Tuesday night approved a 10-year cultural plan for Halifax Regional Municipality. The plan, to be evaluated in 2008, met with little resistance. Only Coun. Harry McInroy (Cole Harbour) voted against it, saying metro has more important things on which to spend taxpayers’ dollars.