More ferry tails.

View of my drive to work today.

Today I would say the Halifax III on the way to Woodside was rocking back and forth, port to starboard, from level to 10% up on the starboard side.

Rock rock. Rock rock. Rockrock.

It’s days like this they often have a guy on the boat with a bucket and mop. Maybe this isn’t choppy enough today. I have seen the ferry plow through waves big enough that the spray came up over the bow and would have totally drenched anyone standing anywhere on the top deck, front to back.

It has rocked enough that on one memorable occasion last winter people were going “wahoo” with each wave! It has been bad enough that people have been TOTALLY SILENT.

I grew up largely in Dartmouth, and took the Alderney ferry often. Back then we called it “the ferry” as it was the only one.

That ferry rarely if ever gets this kind of ride, because it is farther away from the harbour mouth and the ocean, and has a shorter distance to travel.

The Woodside run heads from downtown Halifax on an angle toward the harbour mouth, a wider stretch of open water, and heading towards the power of the ocean. When the ocean is involved, a kilometer or two can make a huge difference, I guess.

Today on the bus I was talking to a friend about our sons, who are best friends, have been since Primary. We were talking about how expensive a second car is, how the bus and ferry gives you back 20-30 minutes to think, unwind, relax.

Marnie has been feeling this as she comes home now after driving through the worst Halifax can throw at her, Burnside to Halifax via the bridges at rush hour.

At least she is heading inbound, I cannot imagine driving to Cole Harbour from downtown at 5pm with the tailbacks we see every day.

I would take the ferry instead, I suppose. Then the link.