The union, the college, the Premier, and me.

If you know me you know I have an endearing/annoying tendency to talk about whatever is most important to me at any given moment. I like to think of it as open source/collaborative/social networking kinda vibe. I don’t tend to write or blog about the fluff in my life. Right now, there is no fluff at all, it’s all pretty serious. At the risk of Doocing myself or angering my union brothers and sisters, I am going to write about the read more

Dear Mr Windsor…

November 22, 2007 Dear Mr Windsor, I am writing to you today regarding your request for opinion regarding the HRSB’s upcoming application to the Utility and Review Board Regarding Number and Boundary of Electoral Districts. Speaking only for myself today, while reflecting on my recent fourteen months experience advocating for my community and quality education in the Halifax Region, I would like to outline several thoughts regarding the opportunities and pitfalls this review creates. Specifically, I would like to address read more

Left and Leaving Halifax

It has not been a good year for those that sacrifice themselves to lead the energetic arts and culture sector in Halifax. There is a growing feeling, hovering somewhere between ennui and abject despair, and it is expressing itself throughout the province’s creative continuum. Halifax has never been an easy town to love if you are a creative person, or as the bureaucrats call them, “cultural worker.” The city and the province it is capital of have never had particularly read more

God Damn the "New Government of Canada"

Here comes the new boss… same as the old boss. From: Waye Mason [] Sent: Friday, May 18, 2007 1:26 PM To: Stephanie Domet; Phlis McGregor; Stewart Young; Carmine Klassen; Steven Cooke; Dean Lisk; Stephen Claire; Tara Thorn;; Dawn Marie Sloane; Peter Kelly; Leonard Preyra; Maureen MacDonald;;;; Steve Maher Cc: Subject: Summer Student Program Importance: High Hi there folks. Please forward this email to whomever should be aware of our small part in this ridiculous read more

Education Shenanigans Continue…

Last night I gave what I am mentally referring to as the “talk” and Inglis Street Elementary. Nice building, nice people. Only three parents made it out to the Home and School meeting this night. And the VP, the P and a teacher. Slightly awkward, when you are reading your prepared text. Ah well. The talk was well received, I think, but… Inglis is one of THOSE buildings. It has asbestos right in the walls. No thumb tacks. No holes read more