Education Shenanigans Continue…

Last night I gave what I am mentally referring to as the “talk” and Inglis Street Elementary. Nice building, nice people. Only three parents made it out to the Home and School meeting this night. And the VP, the P and a teacher. Slightly awkward, when you are reading your prepared text. Ah well. The talk was well received, I think, but…

Inglis is one of THOSE buildings. It has asbestos right in the walls. No thumb tacks. No holes of any kind or the guys in moon suits have to come and vacuum your room. Hard to retrofit. Hard to do ethernet drops. Asbestos also reflects radiowaves, I found out last night, making it VERY difficult to make wireless connections happen!

At LMST and many other older schools I have been too in the last while (Westmount, Saint Mary’s) it seems like mounting video projectors, running more power, cat 6 ethernet and new floors and lights are all that is needed. Wipe boards instead of chaulk. New lights with clean unyellowed defusers around the fluorescent lights. Inglis presents better than LMST does, superficially, BUT it may actually be way harder to renovate.

On there other hand, they DID renovate the old Beaufort building, and it is totally modern inside now. Short of state of the art renovations to turn the building into a college campus, a la Beaufort, and the status quo, a la Inglis, there may be some middle ground.

God, send me an engineer or architect to the CDSA meeting. Please!

Citadel District School Association meets Thursday at the Forum Atlantic Room. 7-9pm. This will be the founding feeling out meeting. I am nervous about how it will go, not because I expect bad things, but because I have invested a lot of intellectual and emotional energy and I want to see it go well.