Construction, Economics, & Government Handouts in HRM

There are only a couple of arguments that the “pro-dev at all costs” folks kept throwing out.  The least compelling one was the argument that it has been twenty years since a commercial building was built in downtown. Buildings are approved all the time.  According to Peter Kelly, one million square feet of office space is approved for construction in downtown.  None of it is being built, not because the city “lacks moxie” or is “too negative”.  It’s because the read more

Would you like your pork with a side of “vision”? – Convention Centre 2 Debate a Reminder of the Worst of NS Political Culture

Like most polarizing political moments, it seems like there are two camps on the new convention center. – the pro development at all costs camp, and the save the view camp.

Comments on WTCC2

I just posted this on the Coast site in a thread about Tim B’s article about WTCC2.