Carole Olsen must resign.

Oh, it took a biggun to get past my couple of weeks of writers block following being unable to type (first diagnosed as Cubital Tunnel, later confirmed as simple tendonitis.) Oh and what biggun it is! About 11:20 am this Friday twitter delivers this announcement from the @Chronicleherald – “BREAKING: HRSB super Carole Olsen’s husband leaked the Fells video to Frank, she admitted today. MORE LATER“ My immediate response was “SHE MUST RESIGN”. Moments later someone else on the web read more

Why a high school in Eastern Passage makes sense.

One of today’s lead news stories is that the provincial government might be willing to entertain funding the construction of an Eastern Passage high school.  Because of this, the Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB)  has decided to wait on whether to request construction or not. It has been awhile since this has story has been news.  Eastern Passage did not get a recommendation in the late and unlamented “Imagine Our Schools” pseudo consultation in 2007 and 2008.

A bitter sweet victory for education in Halifax

It has been two and a half years since we started to fight for our children.   We have fought for smaller schools, community schools, parental involvement, board responsibility, government accountability.  During that time, we have tried some ideas that worked, some that failed. The Minister took our calls on her cell phone, the HRSB Superintendent did not, the consultants started by ignoring us and in the end they too took our calls.   The elected school board got fired, though read more

My take on Imagine Our Schools

I gave this presentation last night to HRSB Board Howard Windsor. My name is Waye Mason. I am the chair of a School Advisory Council on the peninsula and I am the publisher of the parents resource, and my children are in elementary and junior high school. It will be difficult to summarize my concerns with the staff report in just five minutes, so let me get straight to the point. The process of consultation run by CS&P was read more

It is time to act! |

Reprinted from  There are serious problems with the current Imagine Our Schools Process. Why we think so is summarized here. We are encouraging everyone, parents and citizens, to write the Imagine Our Schools people about their concerns, but that they should also :CC Howard Windsor (HRSB Administrator), the area MLAs, the area HRM Councilors, and the Minister of Education. Emails provided below. We may be able to have the process reformed, changed, or at least the final decision altered read more

Waiting for the Big Reveal…

Tonight, the Imagine Our Schools process will unveil the first draft of the new capital plan for Halifax peninsula. The consultants were hired in September and given until March, all of seven months, to produce a proposed capital plan. This was mandated by the Department of Education to address the lack of community consultation in the Halifax Regional School Board’s previous capital plan, which was rejected. That proposal was for all of HRM. The new consultants process is for all read more

Dear Mr Windsor…

November 22, 2007 Dear Mr Windsor, I am writing to you today regarding your request for opinion regarding the HRSB’s upcoming application to the Utility and Review Board Regarding Number and Boundary of Electoral Districts. Speaking only for myself today, while reflecting on my recent fourteen months experience advocating for my community and quality education in the Halifax Region, I would like to outline several thoughts regarding the opportunities and pitfalls this review creates. Specifically, I would like to address read more

Me and social services… part II

Lets see, I have through various media called out the Premier, DOE, HRM, HRSB, and and DTCH in the last while. Now lets at Department of Community Services (DCS) to the list… Following this email, posted here , that was sent to the Minister of DCS back in March…. I got this today: On Apr 19, 2007, at 10:27 AM, Janet Rathbun wrote: Dear Mr. Mason: Thank you for your e-mail of March 31, 2007, to the Honourable Judy Streatch, read more

Supplementary Funding Proposal Removes Protection, Choice

Please note this was updated at 8:00am to reflect that Arts and Music will be protected by the contract. BACKGROUND: There is a proposal to change Supplementary Funding that will be presented to HRM Committee of the Whole on Tuesday night (MARCH 20). There are many areas of concern with the current proposal, but simply put, Supplementary Funding was intended to provide funds to enhance education over and above core curriculum. The proposal will remove most restrictions on how the read more

Ecology Action Centre – ON SIDE…

Community vs. big-box schools ECOLOGY ACTION CENTRE SCHOOL closures, and the building of new schools, is a hot topic in Nova Scotia. It’s a sore spot for parents whose kids face losing their local school in favour of a larger, consolidated one outside their community. Financial savings are often cited for this worrying trend of closing small, community schools and creating “big-box” schools. Money is a convincing argument. However, there are just as convincing arguments for smaller schools, including financial read more