test post

I am testing to see how well the ability to post via email works. Why? Because for whatever reason I have been able to make sure that the Citadelschools.ca website is updated before anyone else when it comes to some of these education issues. I wanted to be able to webpost FROM THE PRESS CONFERENCE TODAY. Tomorrow I will webpost from INSIDE the HRSB Board meeting.

Of Myspace, Politics, and other

Short bullet posts seem order of the day today. * I am amused how many dear old friends are suddenly on myspace… when Ben and I created our personal and HPX pages everyone was younger than Ben, and he was 23 at the time. Then slowly the core mid to late twenty set of volunteers and coordinators all registered, then nine or ten months ago, people in their 30s started showing up. Now pretty much everyone I know no matter read more

Public Consultation, not whitewash.

Mr Windsor, Minister Casey, It was with a some surprise and frustration that I recently received an email and then handout from HRSB staff announcing that the meeting between the Superintendent Carol Olsen and the SAC members from three Halifax schools slated for closure is being billed as a “Community Consultation.” I have attached the document being circulated to the school community. Unfortunately, this meeting is not community consultation. While the meeting is no longer behind closed door at the read more

HRSB just the start…

While dismissing the elected members of the Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB), was a dramatic, decisive and above all needed step, is just the first step in what hopefully will become full reform of public school governance in Halifax. It has been only ten short weeks since the parents and residents in our community started our campaign to ensure public consultation regarding the future of our three Halifax elementary schools. In that short time, the manifest weaknesses of the current read more

Letter to Minister Casey

Minister, First of all let me thank you for your time and commitment to the problems, and specifically our areas issues, with the Halifax Regional School Board. When we first received word of your unqualified support for public consultation, I had hoped that the HRSB elected board and staff would hear your message and abide by it. Unfortunately, it must now be clear to you and all observers that neither board nor staff are prepared to act in good faith read more

Showdown at the Hazzard County School Board

I recently had the joy of attending another meeting of the Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB). In what I recognize from the Save Beaufort days, the HRSB kindly moved the motion 95% of the people here are here to see to the very end of the agenda, so that we have to sit through all the “orders of the day” motions. It seems a typical move from the staff and board here at the old HRSB. We are here to read more

Email to CBC Information Morning

RE: Interview with Lynn MacGregor, District 9, HRSB The amalgamation of the south end school is just the start of HRSBs plan. The plan would see four large, 750 student Elementary schools on the peninsula. This is almost double the ideal size from the Provinces own guidelines, of 350-450 students for a P-6 school. There can be no doubt that HRSB’s planners are incompetent or politically motivated, when again and again schools are closed by the School Board as “beyond read more

HRSB vs Halifax Citadel round 2

I went to a meeting last week. HRSB wants to have 4 elementary schools on the peninsula of Halifax, each about 750 kids. The first would be operational by the time Emma was in 6th grade and would replace Le Marchant St Thomas, St Mary’s, Inglis Street schools. The ideal size for a p-6 school according to the provinces department of education is 350-450 students. I will have a proper article later tonight or tomorrow, but until then, please meet read more