A short note on my slow posting ways!

I got into the SMU part time MBA!  Yay me! However, my non-work non-school time has shrunk to a very small part of my life. I will try and post every couple of weeks.  Try is the operative word.  Midterms (at work and at school) are happening in two weeks, so we shall see. Thanks for your patience!

On Twitter and Tax "Reform"

I love reading Twitcoast on twitter. Tim Bousquet, the Coast news editor, manages to infuse his 140 character per post updates with a well balanced mix of wry observation and essential factual information. My personal favorite example is reporting how Councilors vote. Our fine municipality does not record how councilors vote, making it rather hard to hold them to task. Tim told us all that Councillors Lund, Rankin, Outhit, Harvey, Johns, Hum, Uteck, Wile, Hendsbee, Dalrymple voted for Tax so read more