On Twitter and Tax "Reform"

I love reading Twitcoast on twitter. Tim Bousquet, the Coast news editor, manages to infuse his 140 character per post updates with a well balanced mix of wry observation and essential factual information.

My personal favorite example is reporting how Councilors vote. Our fine municipality does not record how councilors vote, making it rather hard to hold them to task. Tim told us all that Councillors Lund, Rankin, Outhit, Harvey, Johns, Hum, Uteck, Wile, Hendsbee, Dalrymple voted for Tax so called Reform, and I knew it literally moments after the vote occurred.

Most amazing is how some Councilors clearly don’t get the technology at all. I just about spewed coffee all over my keyboard the other morning a few weeks ago when South End/North West Arm Councilor Sue Uteck said words to the effect that some reporters don’t have time to follow the issues because they are too busy tweeting.

I think Sue was pretty angry, as Tim and the Coast have been pretty opposed to Tax Reform, and she was for it.

The Coast was not particularly “balanced” in it’s coverage in the classical sense, but that is not really the role of alt-weeklies, which historically do take stands for and against progressive issues.

For the record, Sue voted for what I feel is clearly a tax break for the rich, but the Motion was defeated Tuesday night. I only know how she voted because of the Coast.

Every change isn’t a reform, and moving back to a poll tax model where everyone pays per head would not be considered classically “progressive”. It is not just wacky lefties and the poor who feel taxes should be levied with consideration for income and wealth. Larry Haiven, a professor at SMU, and several other south end property owners organized protests against the plan. Protests against getting tax cuts!

I think fully service based taxes is a regressive plan. I can see that for some things, maybe, more on an area rate basis, but really I agree with what the protesting profs proposed – income tax for the city. That way if for example, you retire, or your partner dies, you can afford to stay in your house because the taxes go down.

Thank you Tim for your only slightly sarcastic updates.

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