Waye Mason Announces Bid for HRM Council

Hello. My name is Waye Mason, and I hope that on October 20th, 2012 you will vote for me for Councillor, District 7, Peninsula South Downtown. I’ve been a resident of District 7 for almost twenty years, and I have been involved in issues in our region & our district throughout this time. To learn more about me, please visit my bio page. District 7 and HRM needs a councillor who will be able to achieve the change that our read more

Site Design Updated

I love the layout, I think I might change the colour scheme, but overall, pretty happy with the new Waye Mason website.Β  I am not sure that anyone will know it is updated as I changed it so the index.php file appears in the root directory not the wbm directory… what that means in English is all the outside links are likely broken. Please stand by while I finish updating the site, and maybe soon I will return to updating read more

Phone service stuck in the 1950s…

So today I called Eastlink and got rid of the private number we had, and also got rid of the select ring (used to be my in house fax line.) Conversation went like this: Customer Service Representative – “How would you like your name to appear?” Me – “What are the options” CSR – “Waye Mason, W Mason… ” Me – “Waye Mason. And, well my partners name should be there. How about Marnie MacLennan.” CSR – “Sorry sir, we read more

Common sense, please…

Honourable Judy Streatch Minister of Community Services Minister, I was very concerned to read today about the family in Chester Grant who have had their social assistance support stopped because of the money they were paid on an insurance claim. The core arguement of your staff seems to be that the family had to prove they spent all the money they received for their belongings and provide receipts. I understand your department has a heavy duty in ensuring that no read more

Oh dear god…

Cindy Littlefair, parent, activist, friend, and editor of Shambala Sun wrote this blushworthy blog for the Heralds website…. *cringe* πŸ™‚ The Near North by :: Cindy Littlefair Birth of a District Posted by: Cindy Littlefair 01/31/2007 07:59AM Anyone consuming local media in the last few months would have come across stories to do with the proposed closure of three peninsula elementary schools. The Halifax Regional School Board had announced in the fall that construction of a single school to replace read more

In Lieu of Content

Juno weekend emptied me of energy, and now grant and sponsor applications has emptied me of wit and word. It especially sucks to set a personal goal of writing once week knowing no one reads it, its just for me, and then fail to actually meet the goal. On the other hand, most of what is keeping me from this is putting money in my pocket. So, in lieu of content: Waye Mason — [adjective]: Pretentiously academian ‘How will you read more