Phone service stuck in the 1950s…

So today I called Eastlink and got rid of the private number we had, and also got rid of the select ring (used to be my in house fax line.)

Conversation went like this:

Customer Service Representative – “How would you like your name to appear?”

Me – “What are the options”

CSR – “Waye Mason, W Mason… ”

Me – “Waye Mason. And, well my partners name should be there. How about Marnie MacLennan.”

CSR – “Sorry sir, we cannot put another last name. We could put Waye & Marnie Mason though.”

Me – “…. what?”

CSR – “….sir?”

Me – “wow, what is this, the 1950s? Never mind, just could you tell your supervisor that I was unhappy and all that. Thanks though.”