Things to do today….

I am pretty much bored. I have about 1 hour of work to do before the end of the week. I am thinking about driving to Ship Harbour today to look at a house/cottage/country home/money pit I want to buy. 2 hours down if I do. Maybe tomorrow I will reward myself with a trip.

The blog looks good, at least on a Mac. I need to go see it on a PC. Next phase, make it 3 columns, with two sidebars. That ought to be tricky. I need to go to Chapters and get a web design book, maybe the free gift card chapters sent me will be more than the basic $10.00. It says some of them will be as high as $1K. Woot. That would be sweet.

When all that is done, I am going to set up the new HPX website.

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