Still tired…

Juno weekend is now behind us and I am still tired and trying to get over my post-event head cold. I took it comparatively easy, based on the damage reports some of my culture, tourism and music colleagues have been sharing, because I was actually in bed before 2:30 am on Saturday and stayed home to watch the telecast on Sunday.

I worked 14 days straight, capped it with a 20 hour shift production managing the best show of the weekend, the Broken Social Scene/Bedouin Soundclash show at the Forum. Note to readers – the Forum is a great facility, run by great people. Such a pleasure to work with. The No Cases went really well. I went to / helped more than I had planned at the City and Colour show on Monday at Alderney Gate (also a great, but small, venue).

I am going to write a post about the No Cases. But not now. Now I am going to drink tea and tidy in anticipation of Lost coming on tonight!