More Halifax Stones Madness

Recent response to a good and reasonable friend who happens to work at the Trade Centre Limited/Metro Centre regarding his question “really, don’t you want to see the stones play your hometown?”

I am for any band playing here under normal conditions…. however

1 – It’s so f**ing lame to imitate Moncton.

Halifax has everything going for it. We need to try and focus on being as good as Winnipeg and Edmonton and Quebec City and Hamilton, not worry about Moncton! Moncton had ONE cultural event in the last two years that put them on international radar. The response to Moncton saying “we are catching up with Halifax” is to smile and pat them on the head and say “we will see, talk to us in another couple of decades.” If we have to bring a big band, could we not bring Beyonce or someone who did NOT play here recently?

If TCL wants to do something like this, talk to the promoters, locally. Make Louis and Gigantic come up with a plan for a big commercial summer festival. A recurring summer fest. One off stuff with DKD at the helm… yech. But we have no venues for this size….

NEXT YEAR IS HPX 15th ANNIVERSARY. HELP ME GET COLD PLAY IN THE METRO CENTRE DURING HPX! This is building capacity HERE, not making a rich dude in Toronto and a rich dude in Montreal richer!

2 – Metro Centre _IS_ expensive. The bill outs on the non-rent (credit cards, electical, cover ice) are high. The tiered variable seating rent structure should be explicitly spelled out, not a matter of “talking to Ralph” (who I like and is ALWAYS good to me) If we want more concerts that make this a great city to live in, let’s get a price structure in place to support more concerts all the time.

3 – Infrastructure. When I was Pres of MIANS we passed a policy that simply says “no new spaces until the old spaces have adequate operational and capital funding” I stand by that policy. We have rinks and arenas and provincial arts centres and community halls and rec centres that need (lots) money. From the Cohn, to the Y’Arc, from the Forum, to the Amherst Arena.

4 – THE HILL SUCKS. too expensive. 175-300K? Lets build a band-shell, some day, after the other facilities are properly funded.

If I had 600K 1 time I would put it into improving facilities like the MPC at Forum, Alderney Gate, so more concerts can happen regularly. I would maybe BUY the Vogue on Gottingen and make a concert hall. Investments that work year round to make better music/culture happen.

End rant. (but tell me Waye, what do you really think? )