The R Bomb, and other updates.

So much going on in the world, so little time, so here we go with BULLET UPDATES.

Rolling Stones in Halifax At the risk of being repetitious, I am going to be repetitious and repost what I put on halifaxlocals: “It’s good to see Regina coming into its own. This show will really put Regina on the map. It’s clear Regina is a big city with lots of potential and an exciting tourist destination. Regina really has lost its small town mentality and embraced change. Regina is a hip urban metropolis that cool young people will be thronging to! Good going Regina! (with thanks to Benniep for the extra sarcasm)

Israel/Lebanon International peacekeepers with warfighting capability seem inevitable. Either the solution or the start of Armageddon? I am not sure, I think it will work, thought the international forces will take losses. Probably this will stabilize the region, not start the last Crusade. The biggest issue though is that the IF cannot be effective just in Lebanon. The Hizzbollah attacks are because of the instability of the Palestinian situation. IF needs to police Palestine. A fully formed Palestinian state that is able to police itself, feed its people, and get on with creating a civil society would create the stabile foundation that the region needs to build a peace upon.

Pop Explosion Because Sloan is playing at the stones concert they are not able to play the McInnis Room DSU show, so we now have NO big DSU show. That pisses me off. The schedule will solidify really soon. Sponsorship is still slightly out there, we have 4 major sponsors that are uncontracted, one that has given me a dollar amount, 1 that is a slight possibility, and two that seem likely, but are hard to pin down. Even harder is the stupid government – see below.

Federal Funding The Province committed in 2.5 months. The Federal govt, in two agencies, has had pop explosion funding apps for 6 months. I am all in favor of due diligence, but because both of these programs have 1 deadline, in the early spring/late winter, by time we get approvals, it will be 6 weeks before the festival. This makes it hard to use the money properly, due to the rush nature of the project and funding. It means that either I should have applied this year for next year, or we should be in February like ECMA. Bah. Humbug.

Federal Funding II One of the funders called Music Nova Scotia to ask “why is HPX applying for this, and not you.” Gord said “because, we are too busy.” If that agency does not fund us, well… letters to MPs, media, and Ministers are likely.