Welcome to Citadelschools.ca!

We need parents and concerned residents to participate in this site! If you are interested in becoming a contributor to this site, or a moderator on the messageboard, please email admin (at) citadelschools (dot nospam) ca.

Mailing List
In order to receive information about meetings and issues facing the Citadel family of schools, you need click on the “message board” link directly above this post, and fill in the form to join the csupdate mailing list.

PLEASE NOTE: the mailing list for Citadel Schools is an announcement list, where information will be sent to you, one way. It will not be like some past mailing lists that while useful for debate and discussion also became targets for viruses and spam. Membership is private, the subscribers list will not be publicly known.

Message Board
Discussion and debate will take place on the Message Board. The link to the message board is also directly above this post. To link directly to the registration page, click here.

I strongly encourage you to register on both the message board and the mailing list, and hope you consider participating in the messageboard. This is where debate will shape our response to HRSB’s plans, and as time passes, for us to develop our own plans for the Citadel school family.