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Edit Oct 21 2021

I’ve consolidated citadelschools.ca into my main website.  All the material is here, but I don’t have time to maintain the old site and and keep it secure.

This site is being moved to a new server.   I will be keeping it online as an archive, and …

A bitter sweet victory for education.

It has been two and a half years since we started to fight for our children.   We have fought for smaller schools, community schools, parental involvement, board responsibility, government accountability.  During that time, we have tried some ideas that worked, some that failed.

The Minister took our calls on her …

St Mary’s – It’s Over!

I hadn’t arrived at tonight’s meeting expecting to be biting my fingers. Quite the opposite, I’d arrived thinking that there was no way the board could possibly elect to close Saint Mary’s. We’d presented too compelling a case to the contrary for them to seriously consider closure. We’d turned out …

Board votes to close St. Patrick’s-Alexandra | Herald |

Board votes to close St. Patrick’s -Alexandra

The Halifax regional school board voted 5-3 Tuesday to close St. Patrick’s-Alexandra School after a review and public meetings on the fate of the peninsular site.

Members had debated closing the Maitland

HRSB Board Meeting to take place at Citadel High.

It is a big day coming up. Tuesday, March 24, 6:00pm, is the moment of truth for schools facing closure.

The board has elected to bring that week’s board meeting to us, into the heart of the Saint Mary’s and St. Pats-Alexandra communities, for the votes on whether or not …