How the other half thinks…

Select quotes from rightwingers in the US, just cause I think its funny and interesting to watch them squirm. NOTE: I am in no way endorsing any of these views… obviously.

Pat Toomey: This election wasn’t a repudiation of conservatism, it was a repudiation of Republicans. We did a Sunday night poll in the seats we thought were most likely to switch. They didn’t believe the GOP was the party of limited government and fiscal discipline. When we asked which party was the party of big government, the Republican Party won that by 11 points over Democrats.

A moonbat reader e-mailed a taunt earlier this evening:

“How’s it feel to be a Loser, Loser?”

The GOP lost. Conservatism prevailed. “San Francisco values” may control the gavels in Congress, but they do not control America. Property rights initiatives limiting eminent domain won big. MCRI, the anti-racial preference measure, passed resoundingly. Congressman Tom Tancredo, the GOP’s leading warrior against illegal immigration–opposed by both the open-borders Left and the open-borders White House–won a fifth term handily. Gay marriage bans won approval in 3 states. And as of this writing, the oil tax initiative, Prop. 87–backed by deep-pocketed Hollywood libs, is trailing badly in California.

Yesterday’s biggest winners:

illegal immigrants.

No doubt Iraq played a significant part of the decision by Americans last night. However, one has to wonder if Americans would have lost confidence in Republican leadership in the war if they had not lost confidence in their ability to keep a clean Congress first. As I write in the NRO piece, I don’t recall the last time America has switched control of Congress during wartime, and I think that’s pretty significant.

I’m not going to write anything about the election. I woke up this morning and everything was just too depressing to contemplate.
Other people are covering it in depth; start at Gateway Pundit and move on from there.
The administration and the Republicans did a terrible job, but they’ve got an uphill battle, anyway, with the entire mainstream media in lockstep against them, and foursquare behind the Islamists. I can’t see any opportunities for change unless the 910 Group can somehow acquire a major media outlet. You working on that, guys?
The Iranians will now get their nukes, and then other Middle Eastern countries will race to get their own. All the corrupt and tyrannical regimes will want to have the bomb, and then it’s only a matter of time until the terrorists have one of their very own.
I think I’ll go back to bed. Wake me up for Armageddon