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RE: Interview with Lynn MacGregor, District 9, HRSB

The amalgamation of the south end school is just the start of HRSBs plan. The plan would see four large, 750 student Elementary schools on the peninsula. This is almost double the ideal size from the Provinces own guidelines, of 350-450 students for a P-6 school.

There can be no doubt that HRSB’s planners are incompetent or politically motivated, when again and again schools are closed by the School Board as “beyond use” and then renovated and made beautiful by others, such as Tower Road becoming the Grammer School, Chebucto Road becoming Martime Conservatory of Music, or Beaufort becoming Universite De St-Anne. All these renovations were done for far less than the cost of building a new building.

All Nova Scotia taxpayers should be concerned that the lack of money to fund renovations and rehabilitation of full schools with 350 student populations is resulting in plans for new, much more expensive construction of brand new schools.