“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” – Oscar Wilde

As we move into the holiday season, a final post regarding some of the misleading information that has started to be transmitted around the community from a variety of bureacratic sources:

I have had several HRSB staff try and say “oh no, the school isn’t going to be that big, you can’t say that”.

“The province announced in June 2003 that it would spend $10 million to construct an elementary school on the Halifax peninsula.

Designed to replace St. Mary’s School, Inglis Street School, LeMarchant-St. Thomas School and the Beaufort School Annex, the Primary to grade six school is expected to have an enrollment of about 700 kids.

Construction is expected to begin in 2007 so the school can open in September 2009. A site has not yet been chosen. Plans for the school include a gymnasium, library and music room.”

From the HRSB New School Website – http://newschools.hrsb.ns.ca/halifax-southend/buildinginfo.html
Also confirmed at the DOE website – http://gov.ns.ca/news/details.asp?id=20030612008

While Tupper is not scheduled for closing by 2015, the end of the official “timeline”, page 15 of the Proposed Capital Plan states “Sir Charles Tupper Elementary School Can be accommodated in the new elementary schools by 2020” and page 16 states “In addition to the current approved capital program, four new schools would replace eight in the mid-term with a potential for replacing another two when Sir Charles Tupper and Cornwallis can be accommodated in the new facilities.”
HRSB Proposed Capital Plan – http://www.hrsb.ns.ca/files/Downloads/pdf/reports/2005-2006/September/05-09-883.pdf

On December 11 we were told that the SAC meetings with HRSB Superintendent Carole Olsen were private. Investigation has uncovered that at this time, the HRSB plan is for SACs to be asked to submit questions to the Superintendent in advance, in writing. SACs will go over to the HRSB offices and the Super will answer their questions, in a private closed door meeting. All attempts for others to be formally added to the agenda have been refused.

While the Board has been disbanded, the direction to the Super was on November 29 was “Senior Staff and the Superintendent to consult with the SAC’s and report back to the board as soon as possible”. On December 1st, the Minister affirmed her support for this process and declared her expectation that the SACs “would tell the superintendent they want further consultation”. This format is not consultation, it is not even a meeting with the SACs, and it surely does not meet the Minister’s expectations that the SACs would tell the Superintendent what they think should happen (though they may tell her anyway, despite the precautions.)