Update 7

After a prolonged winter break, it is time to follow up on the many issues facing the Citadel family of schools.

Not Done Yet – the proposal remains.
There has been no formal freeze to construction plans for the new school. The planned closure of the three effected schools and the eventual closure of ten of the eleven elementary schools in the Citadel family of schools to be replaced by for big box schools remains in place. We continue to demand consultation, and the next phase of the fight involves the meeting between the three school SACs and the Superintendent of the school board.

SAC/Carole Olsen Meeting Now Public – But not Consultation.
Back in October the then Board referred a motion to freeze construction of the south Halifax big box school until public consultation could be undertaken to the Superintendent, Carole Olsen. The Board directed Ms Olsen to meet with each affected schools School Advisory Committee and report back. These meetings were for a time to be closed to the public, and scheduled to take place at the school board offices.

We are pleased to let you know that the meeting will take place January 24, are now public meetings, and will be held at St Pats High School gym, at 7pm.

Unfortunately, it seems these meetings continue to be structured so that Ms Olsen will respond to written questions submitted in advance. We have not been able to confirm if the SAC members will be able to ask questions that are not scripted, or be allowed to simply tell the Superintendent what they and their communities want.

We urge parents to attend this meeting, we will provide more information when we get it.

Communication Again Allowed
For a period of time before Christmas senior staff at HRSB had not allowed Citadel Schools/Steering Committee information regarding the proposed new school to be sent home in the backpacks. As of January 12th Judy White, Senior Staff supervisor, has once again allowed us to send information home through the backpacks. We look forward to releasing an update this week.

School Board Meeting scheduled for January 31
Howard Windsor, the appointed caretaker for the HRSB, will hold a public board meeting on January 31 at 6pm. He has encouraged parents to attend.